Brand new T-Rex 700L Dominator!

  • Brand new T-Rex 700L Dominator!

    Introducing the highly anticipated, most innovative, brand new T-Rex 700L Dominator!

    Equipped with Align’s new generation GPro flybarless system, featuring CPU capable of 20 times faster processing power, along with brand new firmware, and performance improving compensation routines; Allowing Gpro to provide faster and more precise response, reaching the pinnacle of helicopter performance. GPro features ergonomically adjustability through PC, as well as iOS and Android smartphone apps.

    Powered by 800MX 520KV motor engraved with DOMINATOR insignia, providing extraordinary power output. The latest BL815H and BL855H metallic brushless servos are standard equipment, featuring superior torque, speed with unparalleled efficiency and precision. These servos are highly appraised by team pilots for their low operation heat, contributing to dramatically increased longevity. In addition, numerous performance upgrades were carried on to this model, such as: DFC main rotor assembly, new style swashplate anti-rotation guide, hardened main gear, new style tail transmission, dual pivoted tail control system, metal frame reinforcement plates, etc.

    Align’s 2014 flagship T-Rex 700L Dominator, incorporates all the top grade upgrades, and the new generation GPro flybarless system, with stability and power exceeding all past expectations. The superior control feel, and attractive look, the T-Rex 700L Dominator is the top choice for any enthusiasts!

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