GS850 Controller

  • New in GS850 gimbal controller are PAN/ROLL/TILT gain adjustments. Targeted for carrying different camera payloads, the 3 gain adjustment dials on the controller can be used to achieve faster and more precise gimbal corrections, elevating the already excellent performance of G800 gimbal, resulting in more stable imagery.
  • The gimbal control system consist of 5 working modes: 3 axis automatic correction, 2 axis auto neutralization, 3 axis auto neutralization, 3 axis neutral, manual, and rescue mode. Camera zoom and shutter control function can also be controlled through the GS850 controller. Only a few steps is needed to complete the simple setup process. The controller is also capable of connecting with Spektrum/JR satellites, as well as Futaba S-BUS standard.

Wiring Schematic Drawing

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