Align Gimbal V2.1 released!Free updated!

  • Align Gimbal V2.1 released!Free updated!

    Since we have received many feedback, we try our best to released the Gimbal v2.1 firmware and interface software to satisfy the customers.


    Gimbal V2.1 New Features
    1.Added option to activate/disable the 6 control functions of gimbal.
    2.When gimbal is connected, PAN axis will automatically be set to lock mode if it’s in follow mode. This is done to facilitate the ease of setting gimbal parameters. After completing the setup the gimbal will automatically revert back to follow mode.
    3.If any abnormalities affects the gimbal initialization, or PAN axis experiences abnormal compensation due to external forces, gimbal will automatically re-initialize and return to center.
    4.If there is any irregular Gimbal performance happened, just simply point down Gimbal TILT or switch on “Neutral Point Calibration” then the gimbal can automatically neutralize back to the center by itself.

    Gimbal v2.1:
    APS-M v2.0:
    APS-M V2.0 Android App:

    Moreover, the Gimbal APP and APSM ios version will be available soon, please stay tuned.

    For system updating, please note below important steps:
    Important Notice

    Step 1. Please remove the motor signal wire before update the APS-M to protect the machine.
    Step 2. Please update APS-M Interface Software to V2.0 and Gimbal Interface Software to V2.1.
    Step 3. Please update APS-M firmware to V2.0 and Gimbal firmware to V2.1.
    Step 4. After above updating, please check and review all the setup, then re-perform magnetometer calibration again before start a flight.

    important notice