APS-M V2.2/G2Gimbal V2.2/OSD V1.3 Firmware Free Update!

  • APS-M V2.2/G2Gimbal V2.2/OSD V1.3 Firmware Free Update!

    We’re glad to inform you all about the new multicopter control system update, make sure to update all your APS-M & G2 Gimbal & OSD to the latest system version before next flying journey, which are :

    Important Notice:
    1. Make sure to double check your current stock and info. your customers for the update process, also follow Important Notice when updating:
    2. Make sure to set up all the APS-M setting again after updating to APS-M V2.2.
    3. APS-M firmware V2.2 should work with iOS interface V2.2. Kindly be patient for the iOS interface V2.2 that will be released soonest.
    4. After APS-M system update, make sure to perform magnet calibration before next flight.


    APS-M V2.2 Update Feature: http://www.align.com.tw/download-en/apsm/
    Mainly optimize Attitude and GPS flight performance to stabilize multicopter performance during aerial photography shooting.
    Added below indications in APS-M interface software system : Satellite Count, Positioning Status, Voltage, Attitude Angle, Flight Distance, latitude/longitude.


    G2 Gimbal V2.2 Update Feature: http://www.align.com.tw/download-en/gimbal/
    Enhance Gimbal performance stability.
    Reduce operating temperature of Gimbal control board and motor, also reduce the chance of video interference.


    OSD V1.3 Update Feature: http://www.align.com.tw/download-en/osd/
    Support 4:3 and 16:9 Screen Ratio