3GX Flybarless System – Q & A

Setup Problem

Try adjusting tail push rod for further counter torque compensation. It will reduce this effect greatly. You may also add a few clicks of gain after adjusting tail rod.

If you want to use RJ01 DMSS Remote Receiver then you should update your 3GX to V5.0. And the V5.0 is only for 3GX.

I suggest you to update V5.0 again. And finish all setting careful again. If you have same problem. Replug the Heli power to fly again, sometime if the gyro not detect the right center signal will cause the drift problem.

It’s correct response. Because V5.0 enlarge the travel limit. The 8 degree only let system know the scale of servo and blade relation. V5.0 will detect the limit system need. So that it’s not looking like V4.0.

Setup Video part 1

Setup Video part 2

Setup Video part 3

Setup Video part 4

Actually, the 3GX V4.0 can work with Windows 8.1. Please check with your
Windows setting and the setting of the anti-virus software or the firewall system
in your computer to see that if they resist the loading.

The 3gx will not turn on and initialize until it has been bound with your

Please check and see if the power connection of 3GX and receiver is connected

(1) Possible movement during initialization process. Make sure helicopter is
absolutely stationary.
(2) If STATUS LED flashes red, check the connection between controller and receiver.

(1) Check proper voltage source.
(2) Check AIL/ELE/PIT connections between flybarless control unit and receiver.
(3) Check the power connection of 3GX and receiver.

Upgrade Problem

You have to update step by step from V1.1, V1.2, V2, V2.1, V3, V3.1, V4.0 then

Please restore the version of 3GX V1.0, let the 3GX hardware operate functionally.
(1) Install 3GX USB driver with computer and 3GX hardware, do not turn on the power of 3GX hardware at this time.
(2) select C drive at your computer, than follow below steps to find the 3GX welcome screen of ” 3GX_Update V1.0.exe ” ,
C:\My_setting\3GX\ALIGN_sys\Update\Former\3GX_Update V1.0.exe, then perform 3GX_Update V1.0.exe.

(3) Turn on the power of 3GX hardware, click “Update” bottom at 3GX welcome screen, then 3GX software will revert to 3GX V1.0.
(4) After restoration, 3GX hardware can be operate functionally, then can be update 3GX V4.0 or other your favorite 3GX version.

Software Setting Problem

There are different way to set up the throttle calibration of 3GX and ESC. And
each one can be the first, but you have to notice that when you are setting, you
have to pull out the motor wire.

Pitch and throttle curves are set to your preference. You may start off with a
docile pitch curve of -5 & 11 in normal mode. -11 & 11 for sport flying. -12.5 & 12
for 3D. Throttle curves…you have the option to run governor mode or fixed end

It can work with HE50H22 Governor Sensor.

We suggest that using flybarless system would be better to work with digital

(1) Elevator gyro gain too low, increase the elevator gain by gradually turning the
ELE dial clockwise.
(2) Elevator trim not centered. Check if helicopter is tilting backwards during

(1) Check and resolve possible mechanical vibration from helicopter.
(2) Use softer 3GX mounting foam, or double up the stock 3GX foam.
(3) Relocate the 3GX to location less prone to vibration.

(1) Increase AIL and ELE gain by turning both dials clockwise.
(2) Check if cyclic servos are too slow (minimum 0.08sec / 60 degrees)

Can adjust the roll rate within 3GX Flight Mode settings, as well as increase the
EXP setting to increase hovering stability.
For CCPM machines, decrease swashplate mixing percentage on the transmitter.
In addition, exponential can be added to aileron and elevator channels.

(1) Gradually reduce both AIL and ELE gain by turning them counterclockwise,
10 degrees at a time.
(2) Use harder head dampener.

Disable all trims/subtrims on the transmitter.

(1) Trim/subtrims not zeroed out on transmitter.
(2) After any trim adjustments are done on transmitter, the initial flybarless setup
procedure need to be performed again.
(3) Please turn off the swash ring, Linkage Compensation, Swash Mix, Mixing,
Acceleration and other collective mixing functions in the transmitter .

No. Level the swashplate at 0 degrees using subtrims ONLY in DIR setup mode.
(please refer to page 6 step1.3)
End point swashplate interactions are automatically compensated by the 3GX system while in flight.

You can adjust the trim tabs, dual rates, exponential, collective pitch.

No. The 3GX system automatically calculates a cyclic ring based on the aileron swash mix percentage. Setting of elevator swash mix has no effect on the 3GX system. Set the cyclic pitch by the aileron swash mix & just use the same value for elevator.

Try to adjust the gain dials on the 3GX. Due to the difference of optimal gain settings amongst different helicopters, we recommend the gain dials to be set to mid position, then adjust the gain dial according to the behavior of helicopter, until optimal stability is reached. If you feel the gain cannot be increased further, please check for vibrations in helicopter and proper mounting of the 3GX.
P.S. Drastic adjustment should be avoided; adjust one clock tick at a time to prevent oscillation as result of excessive gain.

(1) First check for smoothness on rudder pushrods and tail pitch assembly.
(2) Check rudder servo to see if the response is too slow, or the servo has deteriorated from usage/age.
(3) Lower rudder locking gain from transmitter.
(4) Using 3GX PC link interface, adjust rudder anti-torque compensation value.
(5) Increase the rudder delay value through 3GX rudder configuration function.

Can be adjusted using 3GX software interface. If response if too fast, raise the Flight Condition Control value to soften the pause after maneuvers; On the other hand, lowering the Flight Condition Control value will result in crisper stop points.

Please level the swashplate again, and perform swash setting again.

If helicopter tilts forward during ascend, lower the collective pitch to elevator
compensation value through 3GX software interface. If it tilts backwards, raise this

Lower the rudder ATV value on your transmitter. Rudder ATV should not exceed
110%, or else overshoot may occur.

Transmitter Setting Problem

If you use the 3GX MRS then it cannot work with GX11 DMSS radio. Or if you use the 3GX, you can use receiver or use the DMSS satellite with 3GX V5.0.

Please set it with S-Bus.

Yes, the 3GX is compatible with the Futaba 14SHG transmitter and the Futaba
R7008Sb receiver, but the 3GX do not replace the receiver.

When using DSMX remote receiver, need to press 3GX SET bottom first, then turn
on the power and start binding process. And you can log on below link to read
the page 23 for more information:
T-REX 450L Manual

Actually, the Spektrum 6-channel transmitter can only work with receiver, not the
statellite. And only more than 6-channel of Spektrum and JR TX can work with 12
DSM2 and DSMX satellite.

The satellite is different from receiver. So you still have to use the receiver to
work with your Spektrum 6-channel transmitter.

BEC should connect to the 3GX.

Yes, the 3GX is comparable with Hitec receiver and Hitec transmitter