APS Automatic Flight System – Intro

APS V1.3 Features

  • Adjustable pitch curve
  • While in APS and GPS mode, V1.3 allows the pilot to adjust the pitch curve based on flight preference, allowing the APS system to provide control feel more familiar to the pilot. But be aware that the pitch must still be set to 0 degrees at mid stick, 50% rate position; and the pitch curve for Normal and Idle-Up modes must be identical.

  • Incorrect Transmitter Power on Mode Warning
  • When using APS, helicopter must be powered up while in 3GX mode for proper APS initialization. If the helicopter is powered up while in APS or GPS mode, initialization error will occur, and will be indicated by APS forcing swashplate to jump slowly up and down. Should this occurs, double check the APS mode switch is set to 3GX mode, and then power cycle again.

  • APS V1.3 must be used with 3GX V3.1 or newer.


APS autopilot system is an electronic flight augmentation device, and can only function when used with Align's 3GX flybarless system. With APS autopilot system installed, the helicopter will have the ability to self stabilize, hold position as well as altitude, and even autonomous way point flights as well as return home. It is the perfect tool for flight training, as well as aerial photography applications. Functions of Align APS autopilot system:

  • Align APS has build in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetic compass, altimeter, and GPS sensor to work with DSP processor to enable APS to have precise detection and control abilities.
  • For use with Align's 3GX flybarless system for ease of install and simplified setup, APS is functional with a few setup steps.
  • Multi flight mode and multi navigate functions. Which is the system with most modes and functions in the current market.
  • Failsafe function, When helicopter lose RC signal, APS will take over and fly the helicopter back to where the helicopter regains RC signal.
  • Automatically helicopter stabilize function. When helicopter's attitude is not stable, switch to APS Mode will enable APS to immediately stabilize helicopter and provide a big help for the beginners.
  • Supports Spektrum/JR satellite receivers and Futaba S.BUS architecture.
  • Supports software upgrades.


  • Semi-autonomous take off / Landing
  • Point to point automatic flights
  • GPS position attitude hold
  • Emergency bailout stabilization
  • Failsafe:Automatic return home during loss of signal situation
  • Simple logical setting through transmitter
  • Supports software upgrades.


  • Suitable Voltage Range:DC 3.5~8.4V
  • Operating current consumption:<200mA @4.8V
  • Operating temperatur:-20℃~65℃
  • Operating humidity:0%~95%
  • RoHS certified
  • Hovering Precision(Depending on satellite status):
  • Horizontal ±1m Vertical ±1m
  • APS Cotrol unit Dimension/ Weight:
  • 35.4x27.9x17mm / 14.8g
  • APS Sensor Dlmension/ Weight:
  • 29.5x26.3x10.8mm / 12.7g