MR25 is equipped with 7 in one
This is the one you definitely need, come and take a look!

Extremely powerful and elegant presentation, easy to carry and learn,
is suitable for both casual and professional aerial photography.

Professional hexacopter, M690 is your best ideal multicopter
for aerial photography.

The delicate and creative T-REX helicopter always can
satisfy and perform different flight demands in wide range,
from entertainment to professional 3D flight.

This is the helicopter speically design for aerial photography, with increadibly
stable and high load capibility, allow to fly under heavy wind and high speed
condition, is the best and outstanding aerial photography on the market.

No matter to fly in stable or extreme flight,
F3C helicopter can do all whatever you'd like.

Utilizing wrap-around aerodynamic design enables high
speed flights to be easily achievable. And stunning color
combination bring it superior visibility in mid-air.

With very similar design compared to real combat helicopter, rescute helicopter and so on.
These are the best collection ever.