G2 Gimbal Important Notice

  • G2 Gimbal Important Notice

    1.Power ON G2
    Comparing with this video, if your G2 movement is different from the video, please reset to factory default on Gimbal software.

    2.During long time standing or steady system adjustment on the ground after power on G2 gimbal, the motor temperature of PAN and ROLL will be little higher, but this will not affect gimbal function and service life. If you still concern about the motor temperature is too high, you can lower the Power gain of PAN to 90 and ROLL to 60. It can cooler motor temperature of PAN and ROLL effectively and can shoot a nice video as well.

    3.If G2 gimbal shakes heavily after power on, please double check if the sensor connection is firmly connected. Any lose wire, fallen wire pin, or even cut-off wire will lead to the same shaking problem.

    4.Factory default setting for G2 Tilt endpoint is 70 degree. If you inquire for larger endpoint setting, you can adjust the value from Gimbal software.