T-REX 150 RC Helicopter

Align's smallest and most petite 3D helicopter T-Rex 150 DFC, carries the same superior pedigree and design concept that originated from the successful T-Rex line of helicopters. Featuring strong power, superior flight control stability, and equipped with high end components, far exceeding any other helicopters currently on the market.

Twin brushless motor design, paired with 2S 7.4V 250mAh battery, creating power that will surpass all your expectations. Metal DFC main rotor head assembly featuring high end aesthetic and superior flight performance; in addition, an integrated control system with specially optimized 3-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller, and 4g servos. All of these enable the T-Rex 150 DFC to posses the same stability, superior agility, and tail holding effectiveness as the larger helicopters.

T-Rex 150 DFC features built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system, and support the use of Spektrum DSM2/DSMX / JR DSM2/DSMJ/DMSS satellite receivers. To get the T-Rex 150 DFC airborne, all thats needed is inputting of parameters listed in manual into your transmitter, and binding of your transmitter.

Miniature size, control precision that resembles the larger helicopters, enables you to enjoy flying inside a confined space. Beginners can even enjoy this with ease by just turning down the speed dial. The innovative breakthrough T-Rex 150 DFC will bring you a new dimension of flying enjoyment.

Focus Shots

Fully assembled and configured; just add a Futaba S-FHSS transmitter or Spektrum DSM2/DSMX、JR DSM2/DSMJ/DMSS satellite receiver and transmitter, then you are ready to fly. An integrated control system with specially optimized 3-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller.

Fully CNC machined metal CCPM 150 swashplate features superior rigidity and zero slop, All metal DFC main rotor head assembly featuring high end aesthetic and superior flight performance Brushless motors used in main and tail rotors; paired with 2S 7.4V 250mAh battery, the unimaginable power will surprise your senses.

4g digital micro servos are special design for T-REX 150 DFC, features to increase micro helicopter control speed and precision, let the micro/indoor helicopter has same flight performance as large/outdoor helicopter.

The new extension tail rotor can provide excellent tail lock performance whether it's in general or extreme 3D flights!

Equipped dual output function, it allows two batteries charging with 1A current in the same time. Balance charging is good to prevent the situation of over-charging or under-charging for a single cell. Auto-detected charge status display. The auto-detected function of low voltage for power storage. Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.

Brand new 150 carry box is special design for T-REX 150 helicopter, features easy to carry and storage, this attractive small box can be storage a helicopter and its necessary flying parts which included 6 batteries, 3 hexagon screw drivers, 2 pair main blades, charger and a small parts box, you can easy and clear to know inside situation just need a glance at its transparence cove.


  • Length: 255mm
  • Height: 80mm
  • Main Blade Length: 120mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 271mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 45mm
  • Motor Pinion Gear: 10T
  • Main Drive Gear: 78T
  • Weight (With Motor): 53g


  • T-REX 150 DFC set x 1
  • Main Blades x 2 set
  • Tail Blades x 1 set
  • 150M Main Motor x 1
  • 150M Tail Motor x 1
  • DS155 Digital Servo x 1
  • DS150 Digital Servo x 2
  • Bind Plug x 1
  • Remote Extension x 1
  • 7.4V Li-Po 250mAh Li-Polymer Battery x 2
  • 150 Carry Box-Black x 1(292x160x69mm)
  • 1.3mm Hexagon screw driver(Blue/8.2g) x 2
  • 0.9mm Hexagon screw driver(Red/8g) x 1
  • Parts box E x 1(78.5x60.9x21mm)
  • Parts box A x 1(52x40x12mm)
  • CH150X Li-Po Charger x 1

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly

ALIGN T6 or Futaba S-FHSS 2.4G Transmitter or JR DSM2/DSMJ/DMSS、Spektrum DSM2/DSMX 2.4GHz Transmitter