MR25 V1.3 Update News!

  • MR25 V1.3 Update News!

    Update News!
    New MR25 V1.3 is available now! MRS V1.3 adds more new function and the adjustment is more flexible! Also MR25 flight performance is more powerful now!
    What are you waiting for? It is time to update your MR25 and go out to enjoy its excellent flying.

    MRS Download:
    MRS V1.3 Update feature
    >>Add 3S/4S battery option. ( If use 4S battery, must use Align standard 5040 propellers and strictly prohibit from using 6 inch propellers.
    >>Modify DSM2/DSMX satellite and some Spektrum transmitters compatibility issue.
    >>Add IMU accelerometer subtrim function.
    >>Improve MR25 flight performance, let FPV/sport flight more excellent.
    >>Modify manual mode (sport) speed limit adjustment range, and reduce the minimum speed limit adjustment.
    MRS V1.3 for Windows:…/download-MRS-main-firmwareV1.3.php

    MRS V1.3 for Mac:…/download-MRS-main-mfirmwareV1.3.p…

    MRS Android APK:
    MRS Android V1.3:…
    Note: App Store (iOS APP) will be available soon, please stay tuned!

    Update Notice:
    1. MR25 V1.3 firmware must work with Android V1.3/iOS V1.3 App.
    2. MR25 V1.3 firmware must work with 1830 DV V1.1.
    3. After MR25 V1.3 firmware updated, make sure to check all setting including gyro calibration again before next flight.