MR25X -MRS V2.0 Firmware / APP Update

  • MR25X -MRS V2.0 Firmware / APP Update

    Update news!!
    MRS V2.0 firmware and Android APP is available now!! And iOS APP is waiting for review, please stay tuned!
    V2.0 Update feature
    **V2.0 Firmware is compatible with both MR25/MR25P & MR25X/MR25XP.
    **V2.0 will define model type from MR25 and MR25X automatically.
    **Acro Pro mode specially design for FPV competitive pilots, three-times faster than general MRS system, superb flight performance and delicate control feel.
    Update Notice:
    **Don’t turn off APP and MR25 while firmware update.
    Before firmware update, please turn on mobile network or WiFi and remove all propellers.
    **Must prevent smartphone screen from dimming or sleep mode when updating.
    **MRS V2.0 Firmware must work with Android V2.0/iOS V2.0 APP.
    **After MRS V2.0 Firmware updating, make sure to review over and check all the settings again, including stick travel calibration before next flight.
    **When using Spektrum/JR DSM2 satellite, make sure to bind the satellite on MR25 main board.
    MR25 V1.1 or later firmware only compatible with MR25 DV V1.1.