M690L Multifunctional Drone

ALIGN brand new M690L with incredible G2P gimbal system composed of excellent locking performance, high resolution brushless motor, and high rigidity and stability. Besides, the new 4K DV features in multiple HQ 4K video recording functions also perfect image processing for outstanding photos and videos edition. The new VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter which capable of up to 1.5~2 KM video delivery and nearly zero delay.

The revolutionary AP1 multicopter flight controller system is composed of the cutting-edge IT industry creates superior performance and ground station system, supporting complex missions including ground monitoring, waypoint planner, intelligent resume control, point of interest, intelligent return home, and task management…etc.

The standard A13 GST high-end transmitter design with a comfortable grip and precision gimbal control. The built-in integration of this new remote control system was developed specifically to allow single button control of multiple functions and to improve flight efficiency. It also supports A13 GST APP system to adjust the parameter settings and self-customized button modes for the best flight performance.

Focus Shots

Moisture resistant shape at the pinnacle of power and beauty, industrial and structural design. Encompass stability control system, features light weight, strong payload, and long flight time. Superior in both high speed agility and static stability, this multi-purposed professional multicopter exceeds in all areas such as aerial photography or as leisurely sports flyer; yet its light weight allows for easy transport anywhere.

Brand new incredible G2P gimbal composed of excellent locking performance, high resolution brushless motor, and high rigidity and stability. Allows to fly and control the aircraft through master/slave internet control system. It can adjust Tilt in master single-control system; or it can adjust Tilt & Pan & Roll in master/slave dual-control system.

Master Controller
Capable of Gimbal Control Angle :
Tilt : -140° ~ +29°

Master/Slave Controller
Capable of Gimbal Control Angle :
Tilt : -140° ~ +29°
Pan : ±200°
Roll : ±30°

The brand new 4K DV features in multiple high-quality video recording functions which supports Neon acceleration and FPU processor; also with excellent dynamic stabilization technology, 3D techniques for Noise Abatement and accented edges. The low light but high sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR) enhanced image processing that allow for outstanding photos and videos edition and excellent ISO speed performance helping you reach the exciting achievement.

Twist off screw enables quick folding of the rotor arms without any tools. Once folded, the overall size is greatly reduced for easy transport. The highly rigid industrial grade fiber composite plastic main rotors are quiet and aerodynamically efficient, providing higher efficiency and longer flight duration. The main rotors are also foldable for ease of transport.

ALIGN’s newly multicopter specific BL4213 370KV brushless motor inherits ALIGN’s core motor technology, featuring high torque, high efficiency, low power draw, and low temperature. The superior performance enable 16 minutes durable flight. (Using a single 6S 22.2V 6,000mAh battery)
Industrial-strength flight performance
Attitude Control Angle : 30°
Max. Flight Speed : 15m/s
Max. Rate of Decend : 6 m/s
Max. Rate of Climb : 6 m/s

Motor mount made with carbon fiber embedded injection molded industrial grade plastic are streamlined shaped, and features high rigidity, light weight, and vibration absorbing characteristics. 40A high speed Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) are embedded within the motor mount which can reverse rotation, and features a high luminous LED for flight orientation. The LED color can be switched between red and white based on needs, as well as provide low voltage warnings.

Individualized design! These light weight carbon fiber motor mount housing are made with an unique manufacturing process, and features tough, highly visible, and shock absorbing characteristics. Colors can be intermixed for that unique look based on your preference.

The highly rigid industrial grade fiber composite plastic main rotors are quiet and aerodynamically efficient. Multiple colors are available for enthusiasts to customize their look. In addition, light weight and highly rigid all carbon fiber main rotors are also available which features even higher flight efficiency and longer flight duration, while providing faster and more precise flight response.

The brand new ALIGN AP1 Multicopter Flight Controller with superior performance through cutting edge information technologies, utilizing high precision sensors and modern system control subroutines. Also AP1 has built-in supreme algorithm, six-axis fast reaction sensor, magnetic sensor and GPS sensor, providing high stability and the best aerial photography performance. Highly integrated ground station support Remote Target Route Planner and Regional Route Planner functions that the system auto calculate its flight time and flight distance based on customers setup. The ground station will display flight status and record flight data for customers reference. The G2P Gimbal DV Set and VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter specially designed for M470/M480/M690 multicopters for optimal aerial photography mission.

The brand new VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter system which is capable of upto 1.5~2 kilometer video delivery and nearly zero delay of video transmission. It provides the same image quality in master/slave internet server systems through ground station also allows to control gimbal and setup camera settings via master server on slave server.

Dual Positioning System allow to acquire both GPS signal and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) at the same time. Fully cooperative dual signal receiving system efficiently support and compensate for the time, frequency and drafting limit, makes positioning more stable, precise and fast.

Intelligent Power Control Unit (PCU V2) acts as the center piece for power and signal management, distribution, and control. Just need a battery, the system is able to distribute power to motor, flight control, gimbal, retract, downlink system, etc. In addition, it integrates all signals between AP1, gimbal, OSD, and the data downlink system. The system can be set with automatic power off in 3 minutes after aircraft has landed and remain stationary. The PCU V2 system provides the most safe and reliable management of all power and signals on the multicopter.

Low noise, highly reliable all metal retractable landing gears. Minimalistic design proven with 20,000 repetitive actuation longevity tests. The retracts enables zero blind spots for the camera, while providing superior longevity.


Some industries are used to fly drone for airdrop operations, such as: fishing bait, rescue airdrops, water-saving lifebuoys...etc.

Multi-function system control panel consists of power button and battery status indicator. The power button eliminates complicated power-on sequence; just a simple press to activate power. The battery status indicator displays live battery capacity for a quick view of remaining power. In addition, the AP1 status indicator also shows flight mode for pilots well-knowledge.

Brand new 6000mAh high efficiency battery for 16 working time. Delicate outfit and all-in-one quick release battery mounting plate with built-in anti-spark system at the tip to eliminates long term wear and damages to electronics from poor connections of worn plugs, and provide safe and reliable connection. The battery indicator light shows current battery capacity by pressing the power button.

Provided maximum power of 100W charge, significantly reducing charging time. With 4 function buttons for easy operation and LCD display, the battery charging status can be monitored in the charging process at any time.

A13 GST is an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip and precision gimbal control. The built-in integration of this new remote control system was developed specifically to allow single button control of multiple functions and to improve flight efficiency.It also supports A13 GST APP system to adjust the parameter settings and self-customized button modes for the best flight performance.In addition, it adopts dual frequency transmit system with power gain antenna to prevent signal interference and enhance image quality.

It has a voice reminding when operating any instruction, also has a voice warning when detecting any problem with flight. (The voice playback can be ON/OFF or make volume adjustment via APP interface.)
Warning functions display : low voltage or suffering signal interference.

The Ground System APP simplifies route mapping and automated flight. Support available for iOS or Android devices such as phones and tablets. Parameters and flight settings can be adjusted anytime or anywhere with the intuitive on-screen interface. A complex mission can quickly be programmed in waypoints setup by simply press the screen to achieve full automation of mission.

The waypoints can be set easily on highly integrated ground station system by marking, then also can set up your own flight speed, flight height, space. After that, the system will automatically calculate the total flight time and flight distance based on your settings.
Flying Altitude: Setup flight altitude.
Flying Speed: Setup flight speed.

M690 incorporates an intelligent route interruption resume function. This function allows M690 to return to the last placemark to continue the programmed mission after battery replacement or fully charged.

The multicopter flies in a circular pattern surrounding a designated object. Fly the multicopter over the object of interest, switch on POI function to set the object location as center point, use back elevator to fly the multicopter backwards at least 10M away from the center point, then use aileron to start flying point of interest.

The height and path of automatic return home can be set in two ways: Return home along with the same flight path or fly linear path back to home.
Failsafe Protection : When multicopter loses radio control signal, AP1 will initiate Return Home function when GPS signal is available to keep aircraft safe home.
Low-voltage protection
The 1st stage : When voltage drops below the set value, the warning LED will be flashing.
The 2nd stage : When voltage drops below the 2nd set value, APP will activate the low-voltage protection and asking for return home. Pleae press the OK key to execute the return flight.

Flight Monitoring
Display flight path and trajectory. Record all flight information such as flight distance, time, speed, altitude, voltage, current, record flight, and much more.

Task Management
Record each mission; location, time, area and path. Quickly transfer a planned map route and control settings to implementation as a project.

Track Record
Record each task details: location, time, area, level speed, climb speed, route, control movement and gimbal angle.

The hard shell used the most popular material, well save from collision and scratch; unique shock-absorbing design leads to the most durable high quality case for users. The interior is applied with high wear-resistant and high-density EPP material which is used in the same level bumper as 30 rate EPP and it is better than other similar box in current market.

Specifications & Equipment

Main Rotor Length
Main Rotor Diameter
Flying Weight (w/o battery)
around 3400g
Max. Flight Time
Maximum Allowed Wind Speed
<10 m/s
Working Temperature
GPS Module
Image Sensor
1/2.3" CMOS, 12 million effective pixels
Max. Video Resolution
4K 30FPS
Max. Video Transmission Distance (w/o interference or block)
<2000 m
Max. Radio Transmission Distance
<1000 m
Max. Control Angle
TILT -140° ~ +29°
PAN ±200°
ROLL ±30°

G2P Gimbal Specifications

Input Voltage
DC 12V(3S)
Operating Current Consumption
Capable of Gimbal Control Angle
TILT -140° ~ +29°
PAN ±200°
ROLL ±30°
Temperature Range
-20~80 degrees

4K DV Specification

Image Sensor
1/2.3" CMOS, 12 million effective pixels
FOV 90° / Aperture : f/2.8
Shutter Speed
2 - 1/8000 s
Photo Size
4000 x 3000 pixels
Camera Mode
Single Image / Continuous Mode
Image Format
Video Format
H264 MOV
Video Resolution
4K:3840*2160 30fps
2.7K:2716*1524 30fps
1080p:1920*1080 120fps
Support Memory Card
Micro SD card, SD/TF card
SDXC interface support read speeds up to UHS-I Class 10 Micro SD card (60MB/s read/write speed)
Support format : FAT32 & ex FAT

AP1 Multicopter Flight Controller System Specification

Input voltage
Operating current consumption
<250mA @ 4.8V
Operating Frequency
Operating Temperature
-20° ~ 65°C(-4° ~ 149 °F)
Hovering Precision (Depending on satellite status)
Horizontal ±1m
Vertical ±1m
Highest flight speed
Horizontal 15m/sec
Vertical 6m/sec
Maximum Altitude Restriction
700m(2297ft) above the takeoff point
Maximum angular speed
ALE 115° /sec
ELE 115° /sec
RUD 145° /sec
Maximum Tilting angle
30 degrees
Supports External Peripherals
G2P Gimbal、VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter
Supports multicopter configurations
4 rotors + type, 4 rotors X type, 6 rotors + type, 6 rotors X type

PCU V2 Power Control Unit

Input Voltage
(4S~6S Li-Po)
Operating Frequency

Motor ESC

Input Voltage
(4S~6S Li-Po)
Max Continuous Current

BL4213 Motor 370KV(RPM/V)

Input Voltage
DC 22.2V
Max Continuous Current
Max Continuous Power
Stator Arms
Magnet Poles
Dimension / Weight
Φ4xΦ52x33mm / 185g


  • AP1 System


  • M690L Super Combo