Green Announcement

With company mission focused on quality and customer satisfaction, business operation value and direction has evolved in this fast changing technological and commercial environment. Environmental consciousness has become one of the primary goal of the company. Align strides to be diligent in making eco-friendly products, as well as providing safe working environments. It is our goal to promote the responsibility of environment consciousness, and to commit ourselves to:

.Conserve resources, Cut Carbon Pollution to protect earth.
.Zero Accident, Zero Disaster, Providing safe working environment.
.Abiding by laws and regulations, support environment protection. 
.Implement safety management, effective prevention of work related accidents. 

Our products are developed not only on the bases of innovation, but are also following the 3R's of green design: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  1. Problem Solving Through Design: Design with materials that can be disassembled and recycled, minimize mass and size to reduce raw material requirement
  2. Material Selection, Assembly Process: Utilizes environmentally safe ink, simplify production line process, eliminating materials containing lead, hexavalent chromium, and brominates flame retardants to minimize environment impact. Several products are T-MARK、GS、CE、CSA、UL、LVD certified.
  3. Eliminate Unnecessary Packaging: Utilize recycled packaging material, simplified packaging design, minimize material usage.

To let our customer experience “Simplify but not Minimize”, in addition to product development and service, we also actively promote Align corporate mission and product concept, with activities such as free tune-up clinics, participate in local events and exhibitions, charity support.

Through Align's actions to deliver products and services, enabling customer to experience “Simply but not Minimize,” and to promote environmental awareness through fulfillment of everyone’s desire to fly; This is Align’s goal. Let’s all contribute to the world we live in.