AP1 Multicopter Control Unit – Introduction

AP1 Multicopter Control Unit

The brand new ALIGN AP1 Multicopter Flight Controller with superior performance through cutting edge information technologies, utilizing high precision sensors and modern system control subroutines. Also AP1 has built-in supreme algorithm, six-axis fast reaction sensor, magnetic sensor and GPS sensor, providing high stability and the best aerial photography performance.
Highly integrated ground station support Remote Target Route Planner and Regional Route Planner functions that the system auto calculate its flight time and flight distance based on customers setup. The ground station will display flight status and record flight data for customers reference.
The G2P Gimbal DV Set and VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter specially designed for M470/M480/M690 multicopters for optimal aerial photography mission.

Focus Shots

  • Supports multicopter configurations: 4 rotors + type, 4 rotors X type, 6 rotors + type, 6 rotors X type.
  • Built-in AP1 Multicopter GPS Sensor for precise positioning function support dual GPS system (older version) and triple GPS system (new version).
  • Multiple flight modes including manual mode, attitude mode, GPS Angular mode, and GPS Velocity mode.
  • Equipped with automatic return home function with remote activation ability from R/C transmitter. Allow to set protection function that when RC transmitter signal is lost, aircraft will automatically fly back to home position or continue working mission.
  • Provide two kinds of mission path planners :   1.Remote Target Route Planner.   2. Regional Route Planner.
  • AP1 provides 3 intelligent flight modes: CFO, HCL, and POI.
  • Features two stage battery low voltage protection system; stage 1 provides visual warning through flashing LEDs, stage 2 will initiate automatic return home.
  • Provides real-time OSD flight data output function.
  • Configuration changes through Android APP.
  • Supports ALIGN A.BUS / Futaba S.BUS / JR X.BUS / FS iBUS /Graupner Hott Sumd
  • AP1 supports G2P gimbal control.
  • Supports Spektrum and JR satellite receivers.
  • Configuration changes through iOS APP.
  • Comply with RoHS restrictions.

AP1 Specification

Input voltage
Operating current consumption
<250mA@ 4.8V
Operating Frequency
Operating Temperature
-20° ~ 65°C(-4° ~ 149 °F)
Hovering Precision (Depending on satellite status)
Horizontal ±1m
Vertical ±1m
Highest flight speed
Horizontal 15m/sec
Vertical 6m/sec
Maximum Altitude Restriction
700m(2297ft) above the takeoff point
Maximum angular speed
ALE 115° /sec
ELE 115° /sec,
RUD 145° /sec
Maximum Tilting angle
30 degrees
Supports External Peripherals
G2P Gimbal、VTD1 1080 HD Digital Video Transmitter
Supports multicopter configurations
4 rotors + type, 4 rotors X type, 6 rotors + type, 6 rotors X type