Agricultural Heli/Drone Activity

2020.07 Yunlin
The feedback from Mr. Lin in Yunlin after flying ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter
In Yunlin, the weather is springtime all year round, plus rich agricultural land irrigated from Zhuoshuixi River, here is the best place to plant rice. Mr. Lin from Yunlin Yuanchang Township grows short grain rice for about 7 acres, the short grain rice is the most popular rice in Taiwan. Last year, due to abnormal climate change and rice blast, it produced a very poor harvest, lots of rice farmers even didn’t make any money. But Mr. Lin doesn’t need to worry about it because he started to fly ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter since last August. Therefore, comparing to others, Mr. Lin gets better harvest up to 1080~1140KG this year!
At first, when Mr. Lin started to fly ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter, he was afraid that the little amount of chemical water may not kill the weeds properly. But after E1 V2 sprayed, Mr. Lin was very satisfied with the result, E1 V2 can bring the chemical all the way down to the roots of plants evenly and appropriately; unlike traditional human spray work, it’s way much more efficiency and time saving. So now Mr. Lin can fly ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter by himself easily also no need to worry about rice blast anymore.

2020.07 Miaoli
From the experience of Mr. Liang in Miaoli using the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter.
Rice is planted and harvested twice a year, and each harvest is very precious to Mr. Liang. But in the past, it’s hard to work that spraying with back buckets or high-pressure drag pipes, and walking in the muddy fields on foot, and had to endure the attack of pesticides. It was hard and hurtful. He couldn't help but lament that if there is a smarter way to solve his hard work, it would be great. ! Since Mr. Liang purchased the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter in December last year, he has made farming much easier. It not only saves manpower, but also saves 30-40% of the amount of pesticides. In the past, most of the harvest was 1000 to 1100 catty, and when using E1 to spray, the harvest is increased to about 1700 to 1800 catty, allowing Mr. Liang to work easily, harvest the fruits and save costs, and satisfy all three wishes at once! The most important thing is that Mr. Liang speaks that using the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter to do spraying operations, the agricultural sprayers can work easily and smartly, and it is not easy to attack by the pesticides, which provides the good protection for the farmers.

2020.07 Tainan Xinhua
From the experience sharing of Mr. Liu from Tainan Xinhua on using the ALIGN E1 fertilizer spreader.
Mr. Liu said that blast disease of glutinous rice is more serious this year. In addition, due to Tainan’s environment and climate, everyone’s harvest is generally poor. Mr. Liu is worried that his harvest will be worse than expected. But after the harvest, he was very surprised and couldn’t wait to share with ALIGN that the first harvest of this year is around 1,700 catty which is more than the previous harvest of 1,400 catty. He sprayed by ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter for epidemic prevention. Mr. Liu also helped neighbors spray taro, corn amd rice when he has free time. Although the terrain he sprayed on the taro garden is rugged and untidy, the flight difficulty increases, but the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter is stable and controlled, and the spraying effect is very satisfied with neighbors! In addition, Mr. Liu purchased ALIGN fertilizer sprayer, sprayed in the AB Waypoint Mode, with a traverse spacing of about 5 meters and a height of 4.5 meters. Through the characteristics of the helicopter’s single-rotor directional rotation wind field, the seeds and fertilizers were sprayed accurately and evenly to the required positions. Mr. Liu said that the spraying effect far exceeded his expectations! Time-saving and labor-saving results are good!

2020.07 Yunlin
Mr. Chen planted around 10 acres of corns in Yunlin. After the harvest at the end of June this year, he shared with us happily. In the past, he had to work hard to pull the pipe and spray the medicine step by step. Because corn is a high-stalk crop, corn are higher than normal people, so it’s hard to spray. Sometimes the wind is in disorder, he will be sprayed by the liquid, which hurts the body very much, and the yield of corn is only around 60% to 70%. Since Mr. Chen bought the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter in February this year, he is not worry about being sprayed by the liquid, even after raining, he doesn’t have to step on the muddy to work, just simply operate E1 V2 to complete the spraying work, completely reduce the labor cost and improve human health. Mr. Chen even said that only the helicopter's inherently superior airflow can spray the liquid evenly and accurately on the leaf surface, leaf back and roots. Now, the yield of corn is 90%. The effect is pretty great!
In the past few days, Mr. Chen participated in green farming activities, drone lectures at the local Yunlin Farmers’ Association, shared the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter with farmer, and invited everyone to join the smart farmer! Share the video as follows.

2020.06 Pingtung
Mr. Zeng from Pingtung planted around 7 acres of rice and 2.4 acres of lichi. He said that the crops of fruit trees are very hard to plant. In the past, it was necessary to rely on manpower to pull the tube to spray the plant protection of each fruit tree, and to ensure that the nutrients and pesticides were evenly sprayed on the crops and leaves, especially Mr. Zeng’s lichi is a special cultivation plant, and it is necessary to take care of it. Therefore, in April last year, he bought the ALIGN E1 (first generation) Agricultural Helicopter, and did spraying operations on the rice and litchi he planted. He said; agricultural helicopters have characteristics different from the multi-axis drone spraying effect and success rate, and the characteristics of the single-rotor directional rotating wind field of the helicopter. Rotating the propeller wind field in the positive and negative directions, the directional wind field is especially important for the flowering period of the crop, and the protection of the fragile flower buds is indeed remarkable. In addition, the large propeller of helicopter has its inherent advantages. The powerful downward airflow generated during operation allows the pesticide not only to be evenly sprayed on the fruit tree, but also to the back of the leaf or even to the bottom of the fruit tree. Over the past year, Mr. Zeng was very satisfied with the control effect of Align E1 Agricultural. Mr. Zeng said happily that this year's harvest is up to 1250 kg. In addition, he also praised the use of pesticide has also been significantly reduced by 30%.

202006 Yunlin
Sharing from Ms. Zhang from Yunlin! Ms. Zhang's company itself is do farming business for other farmer. She also has a large rice field with an area of about 24 acres. Just after the first phase of rice harvesting, Ms. Zhang was eager to share the picture with us. Since purchasing the ALIGN E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter for the spraying operation of her rice field in December last year, in addition to the significant labor saving effect, the use of pesticides has also been reduced by 40%, saving a lot of costs. This year's first crop was the first time they used Align E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter to operate. Compared with the harvest, the rice harvested in the neighboring field not over 900kgs , but Ms. Zhang’s field is reached about 1050 kgs. She felt very happy and worth it!
Now through Align E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter, there is no need to work hard to pull the tube, just standing at the field and watching the E1 operation to easily complete the spraying task.

Mr. Lin at Wufeng District share with Align that he used Align E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter to do spraying work in rice field around 2acres, and he was satisfied with E1.
With “Helicopter” body design, when it rotates, the strong airflow will carry the spraying directly down to the whole plant leaves and roots reducing the loss cost of spraying. Besides, through Align integrated ground station system with easy operation, even if the customer didn’t fly RC helicopter before, it’s easy to get start by learning 30 minutes and do spraying work independently.

Mr. Zou owns a rice field around 3.5 acres at Guanxi Township, and gladly share with us the pleasure that Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter makes him save time and manpower when he does spraying work.

Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter - Soybean disease and pest control at Chiayi Lioujiao Township (Part 2)
Align E1 V2 Agricultural Helicopter operates auto navigation spraying work to do pest control around 8 acres of soybean, equipped with newly high stable auto flight control system and high pressure 6 nozzles with large spraying at 4L/min. It’s rapid and efficient spraying work!

Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter - Soybean disease and pest control at Chiayi Lioujiao Township
Totally around 480 acres of soybean, doing pest control in 83 acres land this year, and working around 24 acres every day. The effect is remarkable! In video, the beep sound is an alarm by obstacle avoidance radar when detecting obstacles.

Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter – Black Pine & Juniperus chinensis pest control at planting field.
In video, it’s clear to see that Align E1 produces powerful airflow when it rotate, spraying directly down to the whole plant leaves and roots reducing manpower, time and cost

2019.10.09 Southern Cross-Island
Southern Cross-Island cabbage spray - 2100 meters above sea-level
Align Agricultural Helicopter moved forward to Southern Cross-Island to carry out the spraying of cabbage seedlings. Faced the strong wind pressure in the high mountains, Align Agricultural Helicopter is still flying smoothly, and the high-altitude operation can effectively spray the crop seedlings with low wind pressure protection.
With the "helicopter" as the carrier, in addition to the weight-carrying capacity, endurance and wind resistance, it is superior to the multi-axis drone, it also uses the helicopter propeller characteristics to generate a powerful push-down airflow during operation, to make accurate injection and uniformity. Sprayed to the roots of the crops and the back of the leaves to achieve the best spray results and successfully complete the task.

2019.09.06 Taichung Daan
The water and soil of Daan in Taichung gave birth to the famous sweet potatoes. Mr. Huang, who has a high acceptance of new agricultural technology, purchased Align E1 Automatic Navigation Agricultural Helicopter in May this year to cultivate sweet potatoes. In September, it’s time for the harvest. Mr. Huang is very glad to share the joy of the harvest result with us. In addition to significantly reducing the manpower and time of farming, it is more effective to reduce the pesticide by about 20% to 30%, and no longer need to face the hot sun and step into the muddy paddy field to spray manually.
Mr. Huang said because Align E1 is equipped with a helicopter as a carrier, and the powerful push-down airflow generated during operation, in addition to evenly spraying the medicament on the crop, goes deeper into the back and root of the leaf to achieve the best spray, so that the sweet potatoes he harvested this year are big and beautiful. Moreover, Align E1 automatic spraying system is very easy to spray this year!

2019.05.27 Tainan Pumpkin Garden
Commonly known as "white mosquito" or "whitefly", silver leaf whitefly is a kind of difficult to prevent and diseases. Due to its small size and high reproductive, and strong migration ability, it is easy to puncture the leaf epidermis and suck the plant juice with a sucking mouthpart. The leaves are yellow-white spots, and when the density of the population is increased, the leaves are often curled to cause yellow leaf disease.
Because "whitefly " loves to grow on the back of pumpkin leaves, it is difficult to prevent and control. Farmers have hired a variety of different agricultural plant protection machines, but the effect is generally unseen. Later, through Align Agricultural Helicopter makes spray demonstration, its powerful pushdown airflow and special spraying effect are accurately spraying, which has obvious effects and cures for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and the dosage is also reduced by about 60% than traditional spraying method.
The farmers carefully observe and smile, praising Align Agricultural Helicopter for the satisfaction and affirmation of the even spray on the back of the leaf, and decide to purchase Align Agricultural Helicopter immediately.

2019.05.23 Taichung Daan
Taro of May has grown close to adult height and is currently entering the stage of water and fertilization.
In the past, manual work was the hardest job. Farmers must step into the muddy paddy fields in hot sunny day. Every time they take a step, they have to use more than ten times their strength. What's more, they have to carry heavy medicine barrels on their shoulders. Year after year, every time this season, they must constantly repeat the hard work to ensure the next harvest.
This year's work is very different, because Mr. Huang used Align Agricultural Helicopter instead of manual spraying. Operate it in automatic flight mode. The medicine box carries 12 liters of water during flight, 400cc of kasugamycin every 1.2 acres, and using SF11015 green nozzle, each set of battery can fly about 0.72 acres. Total operation time included with preparation time, it takes less than an hour to complete the spraying work.
It can be clearly seen in the operation that Align Agricultural Helicopter is not only efficient, but also strong in wind resistance. Under the sea breeze in the Da'an area, it still runs smoothly. The double-bladed propeller generates a powerful push-down airflow during operation, which can average the medicament and attach to the roots and back of the crop to achieve the best spray effect, and effectively reduce the manpower, time and money of farming.

2019.04.24 Taitung Haiduan
Haiduan Township, located in the above the Central Mountain, is almost a deep valley of the mountains. The terrain is very large and undulating. It belongs to the tropical monsoon climate. The main crops are corn, valencia, peaches, tea, red beans, millet, rice and so on.
Today, Align Agricultural Team come to Haiduan Township to carry out rice sheath blight prevention and cure operations.
ALIGN E1 Agricultural Helicopter operates in automatic navigation mode. In Ground System, pilots can setup their own waypoints by drawing the designated flight area. When switch to auto navigation mode, AP2 flight controller will commend Demeter to hover or fly based on the waypoints settings in ground system. Pilots can switch off the auto navigation mode during mission is in process.
In finial operation, although the wind has started, Align Agricultural Helicopter has high stability, high endurance and high wind resistance. It fights against the sudden windstorm and successfully completes the task.

2019.04.23 Chiayi Dalin
Align Agricultural Team came to Dalin, Chiayi. Dalin is an agricultural town. It is located in the Jianan Plain. It has fertile soil, perfect water conservancy system and farmland. It is rich in rice, orange, citrus, pineapple, bamboo shoots and orchids.
Recently, it’s very hot and rainy around Yunlin & Chiayi. The abnormal climate caused rice to be infected with rice fever, and the rice leaves were yellow severely. Using Align Agricultural Helicopter to spray medicament. Not only did the dosage decreased by about 40%, but the problem was solved once it was sprayed. On the fourth day after spraying, the rice fields changed back to green and oily, and the effect was better than hand spray or multi-axis drone. Finally felt the power of agricultural helicopters to press strong airflow!

2019.04.22 Pingtung Mountain Farm
Mr. Zeng done second spraying operation for 1.56 acres rice field.
The so-called rice production and marketing contract is a collaboration between farmers' groups or grain merchants and rice farmers to jointly manage and cultivate and produce and implement the "safety of high-quality cultivation, ecological cultivation, and product safety" to enhance industrial competitiveness and higher quality requirements.
The agricultural mission was operated in manual GPS flight mode, with low spray rate and low concentration of medicament: using SF11015 green spray nozzle, spraying speed 50%, total spray volume 50 liters. Carrying 10 liters of medicament during flight, during which 2 main batteries were replaced, flying about 0.72 acres each set.
For Mr. Zeng, who is a beginner of helicopter, the high stability of Align Agricultural Helicopter does not require long-term learning of the special flight technology, which saves manpower and time, and its benefits are satisfactory according to the expected demand.

2019.04.17 Hualien Zhaofeng Farm
Taiwan Align Agricultural Team came to Hualien Zhaofeng Farm to promote Align Agricultural Helicopter, which was led by Mr. Chen, the agent of Align Huadong. Specially thanks to the local farmers for visiting and guiding.
Hualien has a variety of agricultural products, but it is limited by geographical environment. There are few flat areas, but more mountain. There could not be a problem planting in small areas. However, if there are large-scale farming, such as cabbage fields, sprayed by human farming only, it is very hard and need large manpower and time.
Align Agricultural Helicopter can detect terrain height, and its operation features automatic flight, automatic take-off and return, automatic planning/recording of working area, working area/time/medicament analysis. The helicopter uses high stability, endurance, wind resistance and other characteristics. Also, with the characteristics of the two main rotor, it produces a powerful push-down airflow during operation, making precise spraying, uniform spraying and reducing the loss of the medicament.
Through the two-way communication of Huadong, Align Agricultural Team hopes to listen to the voices of local farmers and promote the first Agricultural Helicopter developed and integrated by 100% of Taiwan. Hope the latest technology will bring convenience to farmers and solve the problem of lack of work.

2019.03.26 Chiayi Taibao
On March 26, 2019, Taiwan Align Agricultural Team goes to Taibao Township, Chiayi City, for the product presentation, demonstration flight Align E1 high-intelligent automatic navigation agricultural helicopter. Special thanks to Zhuang Rong Qin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taibao City, Chiayi County, Zhang Ju Wang, Managing Director, and Director-General Huang Li Zhen for on-site guidance and support.
Thanks to all farmers for support, to see the actual spraying situation of Align agricultural helicopter flying and spraying rice fields, and to give valuable advice, said that the current manual spraying is really hard, Align agricultural helicopter spraying operation saves time and labor, it’s really convenient!
Pesticide-based sprayers strongly praised the Align agricultural helicopter as a "helicopter" vehicle, in addition to high stability, endurance, wind resistance, and the use of helicopter double-blade propeller characteristics, generating a powerful push-down airflow during operation, do accurate drug delivery, reduce the loss of pesticide spraying process, high efficiency and fast. Furthermore, order Align E1 agricultural helicopter on the spot, and hope to further cooperate with Align to promote agricultural helicopter.
Welcome to Align official website for more Align E1 information, or contact us at any time, we’ll provide fast and complete service to you.

2019.01.14 Taichung Guguan
ALIGN G1 Auto Navigation Agricultural Helicopter did nutrition spraying for 1.2 acres Kyoho grape plants at Taichung Guguan.
This sunny day, Align Agricultural Helicopter Team was attracted to this leisurely environment when came to Guguan. A large green fruit garden contained beautiful purple fruits.
Grapes have high nutritional value from skin to seed, rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, protein and multivitamins B1, B2, B6, C, P, etc., especially containing the unique trace element "resveratrol". Regular eating can have a cancer prevention effect.
In order to make people eat safe and healthy, the owner of the farm, Mr. Chang, cares for the grapes, just like taking care of their children, weeding, fertilizing, bagging, and minimizing the use of pesticides.
Align Agricultural Helicopter also adheres to the same philosophy and strives to promote green science and agriculture technology. This is the first agricultural-specific AI agricultural helicopter designed and developed by Taiwanese. Equipped with high-efficiency helicopter body, fully automatic navigation flight control, high intelligent ground station, high-definition remote image data transmission, and dedicated A13 multi-function remote control. It is the most suitable multi-purpose agricultural machine in the market with the highest level of integration and the best spraying effect.
In the past, due to the lack of manpower, it took 4 hours to spray the nutrient solution. Now Align Agricultural Helicopter Team sprayed the nutrient solution within 5 minutes. Mr. Chang is very satisfied with the performance of Align Agricultural Helicopter, sincerely open the door to accept the latest agricultural technology services.

2019.01.08 Tainan Yujing
Mr. Awen family has been planting mangoes for more than 50 years. In this 15 acres mango garden, soil mangoes, Jinhuang, and perfumed mangoes have been planted. Mango is one of the representative fruits in subtropical Taiwan. It is rich in sugar, protein, crude fiber and various vitamins. The highest vitamin A content provides essential plant nutrition during the summer.
Like more and more modern farmers, Mr. Awen is advancing with the times, using the latest agricultural technology "Agricultural Machine" to complete the spraying operation safely and efficiently with the simplest and smartest operation.
Mr. Awen’s 15 acres garden, in the past, the traditional manual spraying operation took more than 38 hours, and now it can be easily completed in about 1 hour.
Because Mr. Awen sprays by "Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter", which is superior to the multi-axis drone machine, with its gravity, endurance and wind resistance. The Align Agricultural Helicopter with "helicopter" as the carrier has a powerful down-pressure airflow generated by the double-bladed propeller during flight, which can evenly spray the medicament to the root of the crop and the back of the blade. The spraying effect is as high as 85% or more, which is far superior to the traditional method 40% spraying effect. It not only saves time, labor, water, reduces the amount of medication, but also sprays evenly.
Mr. Awen is very satisfied with the spraying effect of the "Align E1 Agricultural Helicopter" and is pleased to welcome the upcoming harvest.