Jeff Fassbinder


Hello my name is Jeff Fassbinder, I live in Chino Hills, CA. I have been flying R/C Helicopters for 25 years. I have been a Helicopter Team Manager for over 15 years, while going to many competitions. I'm active in marketing our newest designs at various events in the USA. Further, creating video/content can be shared to all our loyal customers. As a Team Manager, I get to see some of the best pilots in the world. It is a very challenging experience, but one that is very rewarding. All of them are outstanding men and pilots. While at events, I'm able to capture the exclusive images that are seen by only those that are at the event. And I will make sure to capture images of each of our team pilots in order to share their experience with all helicopter fans. These images are presented in various ways to share how our products are used and the achievement they have provided. So if I’m at an event you can be sure that content will be transmitted to you by some form of social media.