Stuart Mott


I've been flying helicopters since I was 10 years old and competed in my first 3D competition at age 13 in the Sportsman’s class of the 3D Masters in 2005. It was at this time I was supported by Robbe Schluter UK with a Trex 450 which led further to being supported by the Align factory in Taiwan. I was lucky enough to be invited out to the Align Fun Fly in 2005 which was an awesome experience. I would highly recommend attending the Align Fun Fly if you ever get the opportunity to do so, the Taiwanese people are amazing and among the most generous I have encountered to date.

After competing for 3 years I took a break from helicopter flying and didn't pick up my TX again until 2011. Since then I have competed in various events and have subsequently been very fortunate to be taken on by Align as a factory pilot.

Align helicopters offer the best value package there is, machines are not only low cost to buy but feasible to maintain and repair. A competition spec machine can be bought off the shelf and used in anger without the need to buy upgrades to make it perform just like the top guys machines. The thing I like most about Align helicopters is there are always improvements and upgrades being churned out by Align so you have the capability of keeping your machine up to date with current technologies and ideas.