ALIGN Agricultural Helicopter is an advanced helicopter for modern green farming.
Specially inherit “Helicopter” body design, when it rotates, the strong airflow will carry
the spraying directly down to the whole plant leaves and roots reducing the loss cost of spraying.

MR25X is good at racing in the jungle, marvelous and impressive. The MR25X is skilled in aerobatics, such as fly, roll and flips 3D stunt at amazing high speed, extremely agile and incredible.

ALIGN Aerial Photography Multicopter equips with revolutionary AP1 flight control system
which is composed of the cutting-edge IT industry creates superior performance and ground station system,
supporting complex missions including ground monitoring, waypoint planner,
intelligent resume control, point of interest, intelligent return home, and task management…etc.

The delicate and creative T-REX helicopter always can
satisfy and perform different flight demands in wide range,
from entertainment to professional 3D flight.

This is the helicopter specially design for aerial photography, with incredibly
stable and high load capability, allow to fly under heavy wind and high speed
condition, is the best and outstanding aerial photography on the market.

No matter to fly in stable or extreme flight,
F3C helicopter can do all whatever you'd like.

Utilizing wrap-around aerodynamic design enables high
speed flights to be easily achievable. And stunning color
combination bring it superior visibility in mid-air.

With very similar design compared to real combat helicopter, rescute helicopter and so on.
These are the best collection ever.