3D VR Goggle


Virtual Reality Viewer

Immersive and Exciting

Build up exclusive customizable 3D IMAX theatres by your smartphone

3D VR Headset, high quality, immersive and exciting 3D viewer.

Humanized and comfortable design also compatible with most iOS and Android smartphone system. Lens made from high visible light transmittance of nano-coating technology, and with 92-98 degree viewing angle allow to bring you in exciting and immersive 3D world. Only need to install/download 3D cardboard in your smartphone, and simply insert your smartphone to start enjoying 3D movie or 3D games.

Humanized and comfortable design.

Focal distance adjustable.
Through built-in Gyro in smartphone. Support 3D head-tracking and 360 degree panoramic views.

Compatible with most current glasses.
Perfect compatible with iphone 6S plus. Compatible with smartphone with 4.0-6.0 inch screen.

42 mm hard resin lens, super clear and without distortion.
42 mm aspheric hard resin lens.
Deformation / Zoom:
1%~2% / 1.5~2 times.
Cushioning material:
High-grade PU + Memory Foam.
Viewing Angle:
92-98 degree.
Compatible with smartphone Android/iOS system with 4.0-6.0 inch screen; max. size 6.0 inch (163mm x 83mm).

Smartphone Not Included

Center Bar

a.Install smartphone in 3D VR headset.
b.Adjust the center of the screen is align with the center bar of the headset.

To adjust focal distance to align with the center bar for the best visual effect. To adjust camera-to-subject distance based on your preferable condition, then be ready to start enjoying exciting immersive 3D world.

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