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Firmware Download(Smartphone/Tablet)

To connect your device the BLE2SYS Bluetooth Smart Interface is required! StudioXm is available for Android and iOS devices.

For firmware V5.x.x
For firmware V5.x.x


Microbeast PLUS flybarless system has available some different versions, each version has different programming and function, please make sure your Microbeast version and read its correct manual carefully before assembly or upgrading, especially you are upgrade from version V3.2.X. to V.4.X.X by yourself, in order to avoid mistake or loss by any misunderstanding, please be sure that you have correct version and follow its setting method accordingly:

Update Instruction

V5.4 Update Features
  • MICROBEAST² uses the new ARM Cortex-M4 processor. It is twice as fast as the old Cortex-M3 used in MICROBEAST PLUS. It could provide better control and more stability in flight. The CORTEX-M4 also has more memory and RAM, allowing for additional features such as GPS, telemetry, etc. to be added in the future. So MICROBEAST² is like a new, faster, better computer with more power.
  • Also, when using the StudioX app on your smartphone, you will see the MICROBEAST² device instead of the Microbeast Plus.
  • The MICROBEAST² is new hardware, but the functionality and software are currently the same as the MICROBEAST PLUS. There will be new features in the future, like additional telemetry, maybe GPS autopilot, ... Due to the hardware limitation, MICROBEAST PLUS is unable to do that.
  • There are no functional differences between V5.2 and V5.4 Basic. The difference will only be seen if a paid upgrade is installed for the Pro or Telemetry editions. In the pro version you can use new radio types with telemetry uplink and ESC with telemetry data output.

V5.2.0 Update Feature
  • Setup
  • menu point ordering has changed in SETUP MENU (H = servo reverse, I = stick directions, J = servo trim, K = cyclic throw, L = collective, M = swash limit)!
  • added swashplate trim option to the trim menu at SETUP MENU Point J
  • Receivers
  • added SRXL2 receiver protocol, Spektrum SRXL2 receivers can be connected at white pin board on the side
  • added option to connect iBus remote receiver at white pin board on the side (comes with ALIGN T-Rex 300X)
  • made ready for telemetry support (ALIGN/Hobbywing telemetry coming soon..)
  • AttitudeControl (stabilization) (PROEDITION only)
  • added option for automatic rescue deactivation when helicopter reaches level position
  • StudioX
  • added help buttons to display help text only when needed
  • added screen stacks for adjustment buttons for clearer display layout on smartphones
  • added helicopter preset for Align Trex300x

V5.0.2 Update Feature
  • Now fully adjustable (Setup & Parameters) also with StudioX computer software or StudioXm mobile App; see manuals for further information.
  • Added support for FlySky iBus and Jeti EXBUS serial line input data.
  • Spektrum/JR remote satellite can be directly connected to pin board of MICROBEAST PLUS (Spektrum Adapter not required anymore); see manual for further information.
  • Added separate trim values for aileron, elevator, collective and rudder.
  • Removed "User defined" presets instead you can directly edit a value with StudioX/StudioXm if necessary.
  • Reworked adjustment in Receiver Menu:
  • Receiver Menu Point A: automatic receiver type detection; see manual for further information.
  • Receiver Menu Point A: changed LED colors for receiver types and also changed receiver type naming; see manual for further information.
  • Reworked adjustment in Setup Menu:
  • In general values and presets are changed using the rudder stick; menu options (selecting servos, changing adjustment positions) are set with aileron; when directions are setup correctly, left stick decreases a value and right stick increases a value.
  • Setup Menu Point C (Rudder pulse width): swapped LED colors for 760µs and 960µs (now 760 = purple and 960 = red) so that the values are increasing in the given order from purple (lowest) to blue (highest).
  • Setup Menu Point F (Gyro/Rudder direction): no need to check gyro direction by user anymore, instead teach the rudder direction to the system; see manual for further information.
  • Swapped Setup Menu Points G and H. (now H = Swash servo directions and G = Swash mixing)
  • Now supports up to 4 swashplate servos (when choosing 90° eCCPM swash mixing at Setup Point G and using a single wire receiver); 4th servo (2nd elevator) is connected to CH7 output.
  • Setup Menu Point J (Cyclic throw): measurement and neutral positions can be selected as often as you like now, so you can even check positions after the setup was finished; see manual for further information.
  • Setup Menu Point K (Collective pitch): no need to teach the stick end positions anymore, instead the user has to adjust the pitch range initially so the stick movement and range is shown correctly on the display; see manual for further information.
  • Setup Menu Point M (Cyclic directions): no need to check swash gyro compensation by user anymore, instead teach the stick directions to the system; see manual for further information.
  • Reworked settings in Parameter Menu:
  • Parameter Menu Point A (Quick trim): added collective trim and rudder trim can be done with rudder stick now; see manual for further information.
  • Parameter Menu Point L (AttitudeControl Mode): swapped LED colors for different modes. (now purple = Angular mode, red = Bailout rescue, blue = 3D - Mode)
  • Throttle failsafe indicator (only when using Single line receiver): when throttle is higher than failsafe position and failsafe engages during power up, the system will lock throttle after initialization and the Status LED will flash red/blue!
  • Reworked adjustment in Governor Menu:
  • Governor Menu Point D: swapped LED colors for displaying Autorotation and Governor at maximum speed. (now purple = Autorotation, blue = Governor at maximum speed)
  • StudioX:
  • Added FFT tab to show frequency spektrum of the sensor input to visualize vibrations, especially interesting when planning to use the AttitudeControl; see StudioX manual for further information.

V4.2 Update Feature
  • Modified flight parameters and gain settings on cyclic, giving a more stable and precise control.
  • Limited function of control loop when heli is standing on the ground and prevents the heli from tilting by accident during take-off.

V4.1.5 Update Feature
  • JR DMSS satellite support (RJ01 remote satellite); connect satellite using the Spektrum satellite adapter
  • Systems with AR9020 fixed firmware only working with Ar9020 receivers (no receiver type selection here!)
  • Bugfix: Spektrum DSMX satellites can also be used in 22ms mode, not only with 11ms frame rate
  • Bugfix: Initialization will not finish when Spektrum SRXL receiver is used and transmitter is still switched off
  • Bugfix: Tail rotation rates in HeadingLock mode can be set up to 1000deg/s by increasing servo throw of rudder channel
  • Bugfix: Single-Line receiver can be connected to Microbeast PLUS even when receiver setup menu point B is opened already
V4.2 Update Feature
  • Softstart can be disabled using StudioX for use with ESC that have built in softstart and External Governor function.
  • Added governor rpm display when switching into idle up showing the set rpm and actual rpm, giving a better clue to see if TX is setup correctly and what rpm the system is sensing (see: Governor Usage)

V4.1.5 Update Feature
  • Optimized Governor control algorithm.
  • More options for tweaking the Governor by using StudioX Expert setting (Thrust and Cyclic FeedForward; Gain adjustment).
  • More sensitive soft start for electric drives.
  • Safety feature: throttle lock during initialization phase; if throttle is high during and after init throttle will stay locked until it's lowered.
  • Transmitter throttle can be lower than set throttle low point also in electric governor mode. This allows to set low throttle point as close as possible the motor starting point but still throttle can be lower in the transmitter, i.e. when the ESC needs lower throttle values for initialization or when ESC does stop motor at a lower throttle value.
  • When failsafe throttle is lower than set throttle low point in electric governor mode, then failsafe throttle position will be used as autorotation bailout position instead of low throttle position. This is necessary for some ESC that start motor at the set lowest throttle value but stop motor only farther below this point (i.e. ALIGN RCE-BL45X ESC).
  • Increased maximum allowed value for fast rpm spool up/autorotation bail out for nearly instant regaining head speed (be careful: make sure rotor blade bolts are tight otherwise rotor blades may fold in when using very high spool up rate!)
  • Added more deadzone for throttle stick detection when performing throttle low/high position setup so these menu point can be skipped without detecting stick movement by accident.
  • Bugfix: StudioX will show the set RPM Governor mode also when system is still performing initialization sequence.
V4.2 Update Feature
  • Added vibration detection to prevent from using wrong sensor information when vibrations are disturbing the sensors. This allow to be accurate enough for leveling and saving the heli from any flying position in case of emergency.
  • Modified stopping curve and stick fading when Attitude Control is enabled; Giving more precise stick control and smooth heli movement; no more servo jumping during bench test.
  • Modifiable stick angle in StudioX Expert Parameters for Flight trainer mode no acts as hard angular limit.

V4.1.5 Update Feature
  • Attitude Vector initialization in any position (no need to keep the helicopter in upright position during power up, i.e. you can lay the heli to the side for initialization when it's windy).
  • New feature for Bail out rescue mode: when inverted heli will be leveled in inverted hover first and then turned around only over roll axis. With this the loss of height typically is lower compared to immediately turning it around over all axis. Feature is on by default and can be switched off using StudioX Expert Settings.
  • New feature for Bailout rescue and 3D-Mode: locking cyclic stick input when Attitude Control is enabled (Warning: Be very careful! Use at your own risk. Be aware that the system can fail due to different external factors). Feature is off by default and can be switched on using StudioX Expert Settings.
  • New feature for Flight trainer mode: Change tilt maximum tilt angle (stick scale) using StudioX Expert Settings. Default is 45°. As the tilt angle is directly depending on stick input you may increase or decrease the angle here in case the transmitter is only not sending 100% stick output, i.e. when using dual rate function to limit rotation rates in normal flight.
  • Normal-Rate tail gyro mode now available even when Attitude Control is used. But only when Attitude Control is controlled by separate switch channel!
  • Tail gyro gain and Attitude Control now have similar display scale, so i.e. 50% gyro gain will show the same letter as 50% Attitude Control gain.
  • Removed resetting of Attitude Control mode and Governor mode when changing receiver setup.
  • Optimized pitch management during turn around in Bail out rescue mode with pitch.
  • Optimized stick fading for Bail out rescue and 3D - Mode, so flying around even when one of these modes is switched on feels more natural.
  • No pitch management once the heli was leveled in Bail out rescue or 3D - Mode with pitch and when flying around while one of these modes is still enabled.
When updating from firmware 4.x.x or lower to Version 5.x.x you will loose all your settings. Please carefully read the Version 5 instruction manual and do the basic setup again.

System Requirement


Windows 8(32/64-bit) / 7(32/64-bit) / Vista(32-bit) / XP

*If you cannot setup the Microbeast Windows version, please check whether you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

10.7 "Lion" 64-Bit, 10.8 "Mountain Lion" 64-Bit, 10.9 "Mavericks" 64-Bit