Multicopter Q&A

Make sure to install the wires with “UP” imprint facing up, and ensure the plug is inserted deep enough so that “UP” imprint is aligned with the edge of the case. Improper plug insertion may lead to poor connection or even malfunction of the APS-M unit.

Due to we’ll add some lube on the retract when we assemble it in factory before shipment, and the lube might be too sticky for colder countries.
So please try to apply some low concentrations of anti-seize lubricating cleaning oil on the retracts as shown below.
Well to remove the OSD wire from PCU, will only increase the voltage a little bit, offering more torque for retracts,then it can lift upward successfully, basically retracts will not directly affected by OSD wire.

To ensure smoothness of the retracts, periodic maintenance must be performed.
First blow all dust and debris from the internal jack-screw with a can of compressed air. Then spray with non-stick lubricant on jack-screw and all movement joints. Wipe away excess lubricant from exterior surfaces when done.

Please adjust the resolution of the OSD depending on the camera.

For optimal balance on the M690L, mount the battery on the auxiliary battery plate. For M480L, it should mount the battery on the main battery plate. And since M690L is design main for aerial photograph, it is better to install the Gimbal for flying. A little unbalance is acceptable and still can be supported by APS-M.
Manual page 19-20