Gpro Flybarless System – Q & A

Gpro Flybarless System Questions

Up for (up) positive pitch and down for (down) negative pitch. If yours is going opposite then you have the GPRO setup up incorrectly. Go to step 3 of setup and use the normal / reverse function on bottom right hand corner so that the swash plate goes fully down when throttle stick is down and fully up when throttle is up. Please refer to manual P11.
Gpro 十字盤設定

When connecting Gpro to the power supply, make sure the positive and negative electrode are correctly connected.
If it’s in opposite direction, the over current can cause serious damage to Gpro system.

Please be sure to disconnect the USB cable and re-power your Gpro after connection with the desktop app, otherwise Bluetooth connection will fail.

Gpro Connection Introduction

The Gpro cannot compatible with APS and APS LITE currently.

You have to bind in Gpro software.

1. Check if transmitter and helicopter power are on.
2. Check for proper power to system, and working power cable between Gpro and receiver.
3. Check if proper receiver type selected.
4. Check if elevator/aileron channels neutral point is 0 in Gpro’s”transmitter and receiver”setting.
5. Ensure there are no movement during Gpro’s initializing process.

1. Check if transmitter is set to H-1(1-Servo-Normal) traditional swashplate type.
2. Check “Swashplate Type” on Gpro is set correctly.
3. Check for correct swashplate servo direction.
4. Check for correct swashplate servo channel sequence.

Please re-adjust swashplate level.

Please adjust the”Collective Pitch Elevator Compensation” option in Flight Parameters. If helicopter’s tail dips down when elevator is pulled hard up, this setting can also be adjusted. The more the tail dips, the larger the compensation value.

1. Increase the “Swashplate Gain” in Flight Parameters.
2. Check if the swashplate servos are too slow (recommended spec calls for servo speed within 0.08sec/60degree).
3. Note: Only digital servos are supported by Gpro.

1. Try using the “Recommended Beginner Parameters” option in flight parameter.
2. Lower the”Flying Style” and”Flight Response” parameter in flight parameter menu.

1. Check Gpro installation position setting is set correctly.
2. Check proper channel sequence of the swash plate servos.

No. As a safety precaution, Gpro will disable ESC when entering parameter setting mode. If adjustment to Gpro is done through Bluetooth prior to flight, Gpro needs to be power cycled before flying again.

Check correct setting on rudder gain channel.

1. Check overall rudder system, and if there are sufficient left/right travel on rudder.
2. Insufficient rudder gain. Increase gain until there are slight hunting on the rudder, then slightly back off the gain until ideal feel is achieved.