Helicopter Aerial Photography

Currently RC helicopters are limited to hobbyists' leisure use, with large undeveloped potential of carrying photography equipment into the air for aerial photography. Although there are already enthusiasts carrying camera equipments airborne through customized DIY equipment, and certain customization parts are made available through some manufacturers, the lackluster performance and high price tags have prevented newcomers from entering into this realm.

Understanding the need of the market, Align thoroughly researched the techniques and issues with current aerial photography technologies. Through endless concept proving experiments and countless tests, Align was able to utilize its professional helicopter R&D expertise and cross into aerial photography gimbal design and development, successfully developed a dedicated serial photography solution: T-Rex 800E and G800 gimbal system. T-Rex 800E is a highly stable platform with superior payload capacity. To save time and eliminate assembly errors, G800 gimbal system comes 80% pre-assembled out of the factory. Equipped with GS800 gimbal controller, it features superior processing power and multiple flight control modes to achieve optimal auto compensation performance, allowing camera to stabilize and effectively lock on to shooting subject. The G800 system is suitable for multiple aerial photography needs, allowing you to enter the realm of aerial photography, and achieve optimal footage with ease.