Microbeast PLUS – Introduction

Microbeast PLUS Introduction

The high-end Microbeast PLUS 6-axis gyro with 32-bit high-speed processor is much precise and superior in programming and computing allow for significant handling performance and delicate response. In addition, the Microbeast PLUS gyro is vibration-reducing improvement and strongly reduce the effects of the vibration to flying performance.

Important Notice

Welcome to use Microbeast PLUS flybarless system. For your first time, please click into the Helicopter Setup to start running process. After all the setup is done, then start Flight Parameter Setup.Only after the Helicopter Setup is all done, then the Flight Parameter Setup is permitted.


If assembling and operating the helicopter without using ALIGN standard equipment, including electronic equipment & blades…etc, please make sure there is a sufficiently large and stable power supply to your helicopter. If any abnormal voltage or insufficient power supply, suggest to upgrade the flybarless system to MICROBEAST PLUS HD for better power back up. (Please refer to BEASTX website for MICROBEAST PLUS HD assembly and setup instruction.)

Any over use, incorrect setup, assembly, modification or misuse will lead to abnormal voltage, electronic devices damage, structural interference, and insufficient power supply. Make sure to carefully check every assembly and setup refer to the manual instruction prior to every flight to prevent any unforeseen danger.

Microbeast PLUS Specification

Servo center pulses:
• Swashplate: 1520µs
• Rudder: 1520µs, 960µs, 760µs

Servo pulse rates:
• Swashplate: 50 - 200Hz
• Rudder: 50 - 560Hz

Swashplate mixing:
• mCCPM, eCCPM: 90, 120, 135, 140
• Swash phasing (by using StudioX)

Input signals:
• Single channels
• PPM serial pulse
• SRXL (JR XBus, SUMD, M-Link...)
• Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2
• Spektrum Remote Receiver* (DSM2/DSMX)
* with Spektrum Remote Receiver adapter
• Input voltage:3,5 V - 8,5 V DC (Operation with 2 cell LiPo possible)
• Processor:32 Bit ARM
• Sensor:6-Axis MEMS (Gyro + Accelerometer)
• Dimensions:36 x 25 x 21mm
• Weight (w/o wiring):19g