Rhys Wyatt


  • 2017 - Align Funfly and World Invitational Taiwan - Top 10
  • 2017 - Flying centre stage at IRCHA 2017
  • 2014 - 3DX Australia at 5 years old

My name is Rhys Wyatt and I live in Newcastle, Australia. I started flying helicopters whilst at a flyfly with my Dad when I was 4 years old. The first thing I flew was my Dad's Blade mCpx on buddy box.
My first real helicopter was a TRex 250, then I flew my Dad's TRex 450 and then progressed to a TRex 600N. I am now 8 years old and currently fly the 700L and 700X as well as the 150X which is terrific fun.
I learnt to fly by watching videos of my favourite pilots and then tried to copy the tricks and do it on the simulator before trying it on the helicopter at the field. I really enjoy talking with my friends at our flying club and all of the pro pilots that I have met.
When I am not flying I enjoy racing BMX, scooter riding at the skatepark and also basketball.